Monday, November 22, 2010

Get the best out of your 3D TV with Sky 3D

You have got your 3D TV set and just cannot wait to watch the magic of 3D view unfold in front of your eyes. Your TV set may be the best but unless you have exclusive 3D content to watch on it will not be enticing enough. Sky promises to give you exactly this through its dedicated 3D channel for 3D TV owners.

Sky is the only broadcaster in UK to have a 3D Channel that gives its viewers the best of 3D TV viewing experience. In order to enjoy Sky’s 3D channel the Sky subscribers need not buy a new set top box. For the Sky HD customers the upgrade is not required and the software is compatible with 3D TV sets and ready to give 3D view without any compromise on quality.

Sky 3D is the next step in Sky+HD journey. Sky 3D will be compatible with all 3D technology supporting Tvs. Upgrade TV experience with Sky+HD box, 3D TV and pair of 3D glasses for incredible TV viewing experience.

The sound and picture clarity and the effects are truly a visual treat to be watched in 3D and Sky doubles this fun. Sky is the first in entire European continent to launch a 3D channel, which will make sure the 3D fans do not run out of content and just keep watching 3D movies and the normal TV content in 3D. Sky brings you the true taste of 3D at the comfort of your homes. Live sports, chat shows, news, movies and much more is on offering from Sky to its 3D TV viewers.

The third dimension in TV has got along a lot of curiosity and high expectations from the technology. With Sky you will never miss out on the 3D TV viewing experience that is sure to take impress you.

With 3D televisions, UK is stepping forward into 3D TV technology. With Sky 3D and 3D TVs enjoy the never before thrilling experience of sports, movies and TV shows at home. 3DTV are next hot segment in television market